Tabla Lessons

What is Tabla?

Tabla is the main rhythmic instrument of North Indian classical music. It’s music involves skillfully composed rhythmic patterns, intriguing compositions, and complex beat structures. The tabla is comprised of two drums, one played by each hand. Each drum consists of a hollow interior covered with a leather surface. The larger of the two, on which bass tones are produced, is the baya. The smaller drum is the daya, on which numerous higher-pitched tones are produced. The beauty and essence of tabla-playing lie in the harmonious balance between the daya and baya.

Tabla Classes Delhi

At Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya studnets will learn Tabla playing technique and various rhythms. We have an outstanding track record of success with delivering great results for all our Tabla students. Our Tabla teachers use their qualifications and performance experience to ensure all Tabla students make substantial improvement and learn to enjoy and appreciate the Tabla-playing sessions.

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