Kathak Classes

“If spirit is the seed, dance is the water of its evolution.” ~ Shah Asad Rijvi

Kathak is one of the foremost classical dance forms of India. It originated from the tradition of storytelling during the Aryan civilization of North India around 2000 BC. Kathak relates to the Hindi word kathã meaning a story.

Kathaks were a caste of professional storytellers who wandered from village to village narrating stories from the sacred literature and folklore of India. Music, gesture mime, and movements were added to make the listening of these stories more memorable.

Kathak Classes in delhi

With the aim of providing a comprehensive education in the classical dance form of Kathak, encompassing theory and dance instruction Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya offers regular Kathak dance classes at its Sarita Vihar branch in New Delhi. In our classes, we train students in the concepts of nritya (interpretative dance) and nritta (pure dance). Our students perform group and solo pieces based on stories from Indian mythology, such as Krishna Leela, Dashavatara, Shiv Shakti to name a few.

To know more please give us a call at 011-49057983 or write us at contact@tansensaritavihar.in.