About Tansen Sageet Mahavidyalaya

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We create musicians. Born out of a belief that music is for everyone (adults and children) and developed to challenge those who disagree. We strive to commit every music lesson to enhancing, inspiring and teaching the next generation of musicians.

We teach according to individuals’ needs and desired outcomes, whether that be taking lessons as a recreational activity, passing music examinations or becoming a professional musician.

Through our doors walk budding young musicians, aspiring singer/dancers, choreographers and rising stars. A hub of creativity, passion, and ambition – the atmosphere is electric and inspiring; an infectious place to work, learn, teach and create.

Ensembles, bands, choirs and performance troupes are the catalysts behind the musical energy of Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyala, Sarita Vihar New Delhi. Regular concerts and gigs take students out of the classroom and onto the stage; performance (we believe) being at the heart of every musicians’ success.